Shuhari Self Defence - Tuition



Family Classes

These classes are great for children, and also their parents who train with them. Classes improve self-esteem, concentration, discipline, control, perseverance, mental toughness, stamina, speed, strength, balance and co-ordination.

The instructors are very good at motivating children and rewarding them with achievement certificates for good behaviour, fast learning and improved skill.

Classes include warm-up, stretching, technique (punches, kicks, elbows, knees, grappling, trapping & manipulation), combinations, pad work, sparring, board breaking, self-defence drills and activities.


Adult Classes

Adult tuition covers the simplest and most effective techniques that you can remember and apply under pressure, so you can successfully defend yourself, your family and friends.

Training is based on mixed martial arts and modern self-defence systems. Minimum age is 16 and the training is for both male and female students.

Classes include warm-up, stretching, technique (punches, kicks, elbows, knees, grappling, trapping & manipulation), combinations, pad work, sparring, board breaking and self-defence drills.


Private Tuition

In private tuition, we cover the following subjects:

  • Anti-bullying
  • Female self-defence
  • Self-defence at home against intruders
  • Self-defence in vehicles
  • Domestic violence
  • Conflict management for police officers, doormen, security & prison officers
  • Defence against knife-crime
  • How not to get mugged
  • Real-life scenario-based training
  • Multiple opponents
  • Improvised weapons
  • The law on self-defence
  • Fear, adrenaline and how they affect us
  • Padwork and bagwork for impact
  • Pragmatic application of traditional martial-arts techniques
  • Confined spaces
  • Vertical grappling & anti-take-down
  • Fence


Students start from 10th Kyu, White belt.  
For 9th Kyu, Green & White belt 10 classes required

Chudan Tsuki (Mid Level Punch)
Jodan Tsuki (Head Level Punch)
Shita Tsuki (Short Punch)
Jodan Age Uke (Rising Head Level Block)
Seiken, Wrist, Thumb
Hips, Centre Line, Exhale
Heikodachi (Ready Stance)

For 8th Kyu, Green Belt 25 classes required

Jun Tsuki (Jab)
Gyaku Tsuki (Reverse Punch)
Mawashi Tsuki (Hook)
Jodan Age Tsuki (Uppercut)
Han-zenkutsudachi (Short Stance)

For 7th Kyu, Green & Black Belt 45 classes required

Hirate Uchi (Slap)
Uraken (Backfist)
Tetsui Jodan (High Hammer Fist)
Ushiro Tetsui Gedan (Backwards Low Hammer Fist)
Mae Geri (Front Kick)
Zenkutsudachi (Long Stance)

For 6th Kyu, Blue & White Belt 70 classes required

Empi Chudan (Mid Elbow)
Hijiate Jodan (Rising Elbow)
Mawashi Empi Chudan (Mid Round Elbow)
Mawashi Empi Jodan (Round Elbow)
Ushiro Empi (Back Elbow)
Ushiro Mawashi Empi (chudan & jodan)
Yoko Geri (Side Kick)
Shikodachi (Sumo Stance)
Kumite (Sparring)

For 5th Kyu, Blue Belt 100 classes required

Mawashi Geri
Ushiro Geri

For 4th Kyu, Blue & Black Belt 135 classes required

Long Hook
Hiza Geri (Knee Strike)
Mawashi Hiza Geri (Round Knee Strike)
Thai Shin Kicks & Leaping Kicks

For 3rd Kyu, Brown & White Belt 175 classes required

Punch + Elbow Combinations
Punch + Elbow + Knee Combinations
Punch + Elbow + Knee + Kick Combinations
Soto Uke
Kake Uke

For 2nd Kyu, Brown Belt 220 classes required

Vertical Grappling & Release Techniques
Wrist Grab
Lapel Grab
Hair Grab
Side Head Lock
Bear Hug

For 1st Kyu, Brown & Black Belt 270 classes required

Close Quarters Sensitivity Drills

Shodan-Ho, Provisional Black Belt 325 classes required

Tameshiwari (Board Breaking)

Shodan, 1st Dan, Black Belt 1 year from Shodan-Ho

Ground & Pound Striking from Mount & Guard
Takedown & Anti-Takedown Techniques

Nidan, 2nd Dan, Black Belt 2 years from Shodan

Multiple Opponents Kumite
Essay: History of Karate

Sandan, 3rd Dan, Black Belt 3 years from Nidan

Blunt Weapons Defence
Essay: Philosophy of Karate

Yondan, 4th Dan, Black Belt 4 years from Sandan

Edged Weapons Defence
Improvised Weapons
Essay: Physical, Psychological and Legal Aspects of Real-Life Self-Defence



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